"What if the baby you abort could have cured cancer?"







What if the trans* person beaten to death could have cured cancer?

What if the gay teen who committed suicide from bullying could have cured cancer?

What if that young girl sold into the sex trade and died from untreated STIs could have cured cancer?

What if one of those hundreds of thousands of civilians that have been killed in the war could have cured cancer?

What if that African-Canadian woman who was raped and later died from internal complications could have cured cancer?

What if all the people on the planet how can’t afford to go to post-secondary education, and will live and die in poverty could have cured cancer?

What if the woman who died giving birth to the baby she didn’t want could have cured cancer?


What if, instead of putting all of our resources into worrying about that abortion, we just work on that cancer? Maybe we could fucking cure cancer ourselves if we actually put the resources into it. For that matter, what if instead of blaming gays for the AIDS epidemic, we put some fucking money into HIV and AIDS research and for once in the history of this country actually WORKED ON THE PROBLEM instead of throwing around blame and excuses.

as someone with a close family member with cancer and as an clinic escort/abortion doula, I feel this so hard. 

Holding back on my discussion of all the structural issues that would make this so incredibly, terribly unlikely, and instead saying, HELL YEAH TO THE BOLD.

Such stupid logic. What if the baby you aborted would have become a serial rapist? Would that make abortion ok? 

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    I fucking hate this argument. First and most easily, you can just turn it around and be all like “well what if the fetus...
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    “WHAT IF THE BABY YOU ABORT COULD HAVE CURED CANCER?” What if the trans* person beaten to death could have cured cancer?...
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